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My Rules

Rules of Engagement
This site is a collection of my favorite Virginia Wine sites, blogs, posts, photos and media.  All in the hopes of helping you find Virginia Wines.

I am not a professional writer or blogger.  I do, however, enjoy reading and sharing the writings and insights of other wine enthusiasts.  Especially when it comes to Virginia Wine!

In doing so, I follow some basic rules of engagement:
  • I only use blog gadgets and mechanisms that display “links” to other blog sites or posts.
  • I do not syndicate any content via RSS feeds or other blog feed devices.
  • I only post references (links) to posts for which the author has a “Share” capability – Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Google Buzz, etc.
  • In referencing posts I may utilize parts of the post to provide an introduction or summary. These are normally the same text displayed when sharing the same post via Facebook or Twitter.
  • In referencing posts I will always provide attribution to the author and the blog for that post.