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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Virginia's New Corkage Law Took Effect on July 1

Excerpt from the Bill:

"…any restaurant licensed by the ABC Board may permit the consumption of lawfully acquired wine by bona fide customers on the premises in all areas and locations covered by the license. The bill provides that a licensee may charge a corkage fee to such customer for the wine so consumed; however, the licensee may not charge any other fee to such customer."

Local restaurant owners share their plan, and expectations, for the new law via

Megan Headley also shares some good advice on how to take advantage of our new corkage law graciously at Charlottesville News & Arts.

Roanoke-area restaurants mixed on new corkage law - Some eatery owners have a glass-half-full outlook on the law; others aren't exactly thrilled about it.  By Amanda Codispoti and Lindsey Nair at The Roanoke Times.

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